Do You Have an Alkaline Mineral Deficiency?

When we respond to life inappropriately; as if it is an event to control, dominate, or avoid we become stuck in the Sympathetic portion of the Autonomic Nervous System.  This system is primarily one of intense physical work, athletics or survival based activities.  Many reactions occur in our bodies with the end result being one of […]

Exercise and The Immune System

Multiple studies support that exercise in the Moderate Zone will modulate up the immune system.  Changes in musculo-skeletal, respiratory, cholesterol and blood pressure all indicate moderate exercise has a beneficial effect on our bodies. What recent studies now suggest is that to increase exercise will increase the risk of upper respiratory infection by suppression of […]

Fall Prevention: A B.E.S.T. Approach

Unsteady gait and falls present a great problem to the growing elderly population. Spinal, hip, and extremity fractures account for a majority of emergency room visits for the population above the age of 65. Dr. Michael Rodgers, Phd, CSCS, FACSM professor in the department of human performance and research director at the Center for Physical […]