Alkalizing For Your Health!!

We are acid by function.  Everything we do creates metabolic acid that that needs to be buffered for our bodies to be healthy.  Yet we are alkaline by design (intelligent design) and we are healthier when we are choosing alkaline choices! What does this mean?  We live in a society which promotes the S.A.D.- the […]

Exercise and The Immune System

Multiple studies support that exercise in the Moderate Zone will modulate up the immune system.  Changes in musculo-skeletal, respiratory, cholesterol and blood pressure all indicate moderate exercise has a beneficial effect on our bodies. What recent studies now suggest is that to increase exercise will increase the risk of upper respiratory infection by suppression of […]

50 Tenants Of B.E.S.T. (in no particular order)

1.  Our bodies are acid by function, alkaline by design. 2.  Love them more, expect less. 3.  How I respond to life is what I request from life. 4.  Medicine alters the effects of the disease and changes the symptom pattern. 5.  If it is to be it is up to me. 6.  Think about […]