Acidosis: A True Cause of Weight Gain and Disease

Dr. MT Morter Jr., past president of two Chiropractic Colleges and founder/developer of B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), for over 30 years has spoken on the importance of alkalizing our body and buffering the ill effects of toxic acids. Research at the University of San Francisco Department of Medicine by Dr.’s Lynda Frassetto and Anthony […]

Alkalizing For Your Health!!

We are acid by function.  Everything we do creates metabolic acid that that needs to be buffered for our bodies to be healthy.  Yet we are alkaline by design (intelligent design) and we are healthier when we are choosing alkaline choices! What does this mean?  We live in a society which promotes the S.A.D.- the […]

Do I Have Enough Fiber In My Diet?

If there is one thing you want at every meal it is fiber.  Fruit, vegetables, nuts and legumes are all rich in fiber.  What research is telling us is that as we eat processed food and have a diet devoid of fiber, weight gain an illness begin. Studies have also shown that fiber rich foods […]

The Top 14 Things You Need To Know About Weight Loss

1.  Under Eating & Skipping Meals The adrenal hormone cortisol is stimulated which decreases thyroid function (sluggish metabolism) and  increases abdominal weight gain. 2.  Overeating Sugar in all forms Increases insulin which leads to weight gain. 3.  Estrogenic Foods (non-organic) Estrogenic hormones in the meat decrease thyroid function and other glands which leads to sluggish […]