The Mind-Body-Ego Connection

In his new book ” Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind” Henry Grayson Ph.D. has some useful information and tools to help us on our healing journey. It is a must read for those who aspire spiritual, mental and emotional growth, as well as optimum health of body. We know in B.E.S.T.- Bio Energetic […]

40 Million US Adults Suffer From an Anxiety Disorder Each Year

The National Institute of Mental Health estimates 29% of US adults will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetimes.  Lets look at what anxiety is from my perspective. An anxiety is a broad based fear that something “bad”or not wanted or not preferred is going to happen.  People have said to me “it feels like […]

Meta Analysis of Statin Drugs reveals "No Benefit On All – Cause Mortality"

In a recent meta-analysis  of 11 studies on statin drugs (cholesterol lowering) involving 65,229 men and women yielding approximately 244,000 person years of follow up and 2,793 deaths, statin drugs were observed to be of no benefit (3.7 years of use of the statin drug) in reducing mortality, even in the high risk primary prevention population. […]