The Mind-Body-Ego Connection

In his new book ” Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind” Henry Grayson Ph.D. has some useful information and tools to help us on our healing journey. It is a must read for those who aspire spiritual, mental and emotional growth, as well as optimum health of body.

We know in B.E.S.T.- Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, the feeling brain, specifically the part of the Limbic System known as the Hippocampus stores past pains/traumas and can be triggered through the senses to set off the Autonomic Nervous System (sympathetic & parasympathetic) at the wrong time.   There is no current threat- its just a tape/recording from an old event, a thought, word or action being projected on to the present moment-to create lack, guilt, fear, scorn, pride, desire, grief, shame….etc to keep us from truly expressing the true self we REALLY are – which is joy, love, happiness, benevolence, faithful and to be blissfully grateful and peaceful in the mindfulness that we are ALWAYS connected to the source of all love and creation.  I call that God.

Our ego’s will not only replay old patterns in the body of pain and symptoms but also project rejection, abandonment, loss, abuse, fear, scarcity, criticism, judgement.. etc.  The unaware person repeats this pattern over and over until a body system gets exhausted then diagnosed, and drugged, cut or radiated.

No one suspects their own ego is the creator of the contributing factors of ill health.  We also have DEEP beliefs below the surface in our subconscious (most laid down before 7 years old-that aren’t even ours!) associated with the body, thoughts, others and emotions.

Some common belief patterns are:

I need someone “out there” to make me happy, whole, complete, validated, worthy, safe…etc.

I’m not enough.. good, strong, loveable, pretty, handsome, smart…etc.

Take a look at your ego and all the beliefs that are not serving you positively.  Keep what works and let go of what doesn’t.

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland F. Phillips Jr., BA, BS, D.C.