Children and Drugs: The By-Product of Allopathic Conditioning

We are now living in a society that has been lobbied and hypnotized by the pharmaceutical companies that health or lack of symptoms are a result of pills and procedures that are external to you as a being. This is an outside/in perspective which leads to dependency on some outside source (medicine, government, church, drugs, […]

Meta Analysis of Statin Drugs reveals "No Benefit On All – Cause Mortality"

In a recent meta-analysis¬† of 11 studies on statin drugs (cholesterol lowering) involving 65,229 men and women yielding approximately 244,000 person years of follow up and 2,793 deaths, statin drugs were observed to be of no benefit (3.7 years of use of the statin drug) in reducing mortality, even in the¬†high risk primary prevention population. […]

The Sickness Cartel Shows No Signs Of Weakening

Despite the rise in disease-care cost and no dip in the top 3 killers of Americans, the pharmaceutical companies continue to push their products on an unsuspecting and naive public while their profits rise. Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Abbot Labs, Merck, Eli Lilly and Bristol Myers Squibb all showed increased profit in 2009. According to […]