Some Quick Tips Which May Get You Off Your Health Plateau Or Persistant Symptom

1.  Eat 3 times a day; if you are eating 6-8 x a day you have a blood sugar/adrenal imbalance that needs to be addressed.  By eating 3x a day you will allow time to detoxify and burn fat in between meals. 2.  I always recommend making your larger meals at breakfast or lunch, giving […]

Chronic Stress: You May Want to Consider Thyroid & Adrenal Support

What is chronic stress?  It is work, kids, spouse, the economy, the middle east? No, a stress response is a reaction by our subconscious mind of perceived threat.  Seeing a tiger, a burning building, hearing a rattlesnake, these are all a real threat to survival.  They are dealt with immediately or you perish.  Chronic stress […]