Aerobic Exercise and Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome includes 5 major conditions that if we focused our attention on as individual B.E.S.T. Practitioners or as clients, we could change the landscape of health in the United States today. Hypertension, Diabetes, Hypercholesterolemia,  Hyperlipidemia and Obesity along with the myriad of health conditions associated with them are an epidemic in our society.  Check […]

Gluten: A Possible Cause in Your Health Awarenesses (Symptoms)

Gluten, a component in many grain compounds has been known for years to cause diseases such as Celiac and Sprue.  Now research and patient experience is confirming that gluten can cause many symptoms that are digestive in nature and have far reaching consequences.  Headaches, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, joint pains and fatigue are among the common […]

Protein: Good or Bad?

A common question from clients seeking to change their diets is how protein is healthy. There are many weight loss programs out right now and many weight loss products. Many help people lose weight quickly by adding excess protein to their diet. Most experts agree to lose weight we need to reduce junk carbs (white […]