Allergies – Why They Occur And What You Can Do Today To Make Them Unnecessary, Naturally

Whether you have seasonal allergic symptoms, perennial (year round), nasal, respiratory symptoms, asthma or even skin conditions we need to understand our immune system is overreacting.  When our nervous system/mind perceives a threat (real like a vicious dog/fear or unreal like they don’t love me and I’m empty & worthless/fear) the immune system mounts a response with antibodies, inflammatory mediators (such as histamine, heparin& kinins).  The result is vasodialation in the nostrils and mucous production.  Other inflammatory responses will constrict the bronchi and make it difficult to breathe.  There are many other responses, which each time they occur, make it quicker, more frequent and intense the next time all at the expense of your bodies health & alkaline reserve.

Some possible causes are early antibiotic use, being fed solid foods too early, mothers health during pregnancy, environmental factors (smoking, pollutants, chemicals in air/water/food) and nursing or not nursing.

What can you start doing to improve allergies today?  Immediately start to reduce dairy, sugar, milk products (chocolate).  Many individuals are highly sensitized to dyes, preservatives and gluten in wheat products.  Secondly, start to cleanse your body.  A liver cleanse 1-2 times a year along with detox footbaths serves to clean up our internal environment and free our body’s natural filters to regenerate.

Omega 3 fatty acids and green produce have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties.  I’ve used Alka Green, Trace Minerals and Green20 for years to calm down inflammation.  Digestive aids will also improve assimilation and breakdown of food which can, when properly digested, begin the inflammatory process.

Lastly and most importantly take a look at all the habits, belief systems and perceptions in your life where you get defensive, take things personally and make assumptions, rationalizations, excuses and justifications.  These are all by-products of the ego-false self, narcissistic tendencies that truly make it “all about me”.

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips BA, BS, D.C.