Allergies – Why They Occur And What You Can Do Today To Make Them Unnecessary, Naturally

Whether you have seasonal allergic symptoms, perennial (year round), nasal, respiratory symptoms, asthma or even skin conditions we need to understand our immune system is overreacting.  When our nervous system/mind perceives a threat (real like a vicious dog/fear or unreal like they don’t love me and I’m empty & worthless/fear) the immune system mounts a […]

Doc, I’m Losing My Hair !! What Can I Do As An Aging Female ??

There are a variety of conditions, drugs and nutritional deficiencies/toxicity that create the symptom of hair loss.  Regardless of the diagnosis we need to start to look at our habits or vices and see clearly how my choices create consequences, i.e. thyroid conditions, autoimmune functions, hair loss, high blood pressure, etc… As a female ages, […]

Paradigm Shift

1)  We are spiritual beings – energy beings – undergoing a physical experience A)  Everything physical is temporary and significant from a spiritual eternal perspective only: lessons in virtue B)  All negative emotions will create interference in my energy field, which will translate to lack of ease in my body since negative emotions interfere with […]

Inflammation: The Silent Killer or Wake Up Call

Our body’s normal response to a threatening stimulus is inflammation. Unchecked inflammation can lead to suffering and dis-ease. Dr. Peter Libby, chief of cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston states, “We evolved as a species because of our ability to fight off microbial invaders.” Our body responds with inflammation when it comes […]