Sagging Libido? Maybe It’s Time To Change

It is estimated that men loose up to 2 % of their testosterone, the libido producing hormone, every year past 40 and women also experience changes in estrogen and testosterone as they approach menopause.  So what’s the answer?  Who wants to have the side effects of Viagra, (sudden vision loss, stroke, 4 hr erection, etc.) […]

Doc, I’m Losing My Hair !! What Can I Do As An Aging Female ??

There are a variety of conditions, drugs and nutritional deficiencies/toxicity that create the symptom of hair loss.  Regardless of the diagnosis we need to start to look at our habits or vices and see clearly how my choices create consequences, i.e. thyroid conditions, autoimmune functions, hair loss, high blood pressure, etc… As a female ages, […]