Sagging Libido? Maybe It’s Time To Change

It is estimated that men loose up to 2 % of their testosterone, the libido producing hormone, every year past 40 and women also experience changes in estrogen and testosterone as they approach menopause.  So what’s the answer?  Who wants to have the side effects of Viagra, (sudden vision loss, stroke, 4 hr erection, etc.) which does nothing for libido anyway?

Studies now show when the testosterone pre-curser DHEA (an adrenal hormone pre-curser) drops so does testosterone and libido.  What researchers are not telling you is that when you chronically skip meals, eat junk food, take medication, and stress out – our bodies steal DHEA and Pregnezone to make cortisol (a stress hormone) and not make anabolic sex hormones.

Again, if we continue to choose unhealthy habits (see our 6 essentials) our bodies will do the best they can to survive, and that survival response many times is an adaptation, and not optimal health.  In fact the way we view disease is as an effect of our bodies adapting perfectly to the choices we make!

So you want a better libido?  Here’s a hint

1.  Eat more vegetables, fruits, nuts and omega 3 fatty acids (cholesterol makes sex hormone)

2.  Cut out junk food & drink, sugar, etc

3.  Eat regular meals – no skipping – this stress triggers the need for cortisol (pregnenolone steal and added belly fat)

4.  Every time you get a negative thought or emotion – practice belly breathing and EmPower March

5.  Consider adrenal supplement support – i.e. Adrenergy, Alkadrenergy

6.  Herbal supplements can greatly enhance Adrenal support – Licorice, Reumania, Eletherol (Siberian Ginseng), Ashwaganda, Korean Ginseng, Rhodiola

7. Exercise 30 min. 3x a week for beginners and increase accordingly as fitness level improves.

We check routinely at exams and re-exams for these and other nutritional supplements.

In Health & Service,

Dr. Roland Phillips BA, BS, D.C.