Happy or Joyful or Grateful Living… For No Reason

In her book, “Happy For No Reason”, Marci Shimoff shares stories of various individuals from what she calls “the happy 100”. In our practice one of the primary points of focus in care is to create a paradigm shift.  If we can not communicate and lead people to the perspective that we are spiritual beings […]

Reframing How You See Yourself

What I have come to realize after working on well over 100,000 client visits in over 25 years of doing B.E.S.T. is – for you to truly heal, that is mind-body-soul-memory, I have to re-contextualize how I see myself and life.  Another way of saying this is I need a paradigm shift to truly move […]

Paradigm Shift

1)  We are spiritual beings – energy beings – undergoing a physical experience A)  Everything physical is temporary and significant from a spiritual eternal perspective only: lessons in virtue B)  All negative emotions will create interference in my energy field, which will translate to lack of ease in my body since negative emotions interfere with […]