Using Nightmares and Adversities as a Launching Pad to Your Success

“The only way that a person can have the life of their dreams is by first taking complete personal responsibility” – Dr Roland Phillips. One good way to understand success is by considering an exact opposite and that is somebody going to jail. When a person has a need to go to jail, it means […]

Epigenetics: How Your Choices Affect Your Genetic Expression

To put it in a nutshell, we all have inherited genetic strengths and weaknesses.  However all to often in the office I hear from clients “it’s in my genes”, my mother, father, sister, aunt had x,y,and z so the default through inadequate knowledge and faulty logic is that they are just powerless victims of their […]

Reframing How You See Yourself

What I have come to realize after working on well over 100,000 client visits in over 25 years of doing B.E.S.T. is – for you to truly heal, that is mind-body-soul-memory, I have to re-contextualize how I see myself and life.  Another way of saying this is I need a paradigm shift to truly move […]

Do You Bottle Up Your Emotions???

How we perceive and respond to life’s challenges and opportunities to grow are derived from basic beliefs.  These beliefs we are told are imprinted into our brains between 0-7 years of age.  If an external experience or stimulus is congruent with the internal belief, there is no tension, resistance , fight or flight response.  However […]