Your Health – Your Choice

Dr. Dean Ornish & Colleagues found that comprehensive lifestyle changes altered gene expression in patients  with prostate cancer.  Over 500 genes changed genes changed their expression due to diet, meditation and other lifestyle habits. Consider these statistics –  In a study of 89,941 nurses with type II diabetes, over 16 years, authors found 91% could […]

Epigenetics: How Your Choices Affect Your Genetic Expression

To put it in a nutshell, we all have inherited genetic strengths and weaknesses.  However all to often in the office I hear from clients “it’s in my genes”, my mother, father, sister, aunt had x,y,and z so the default through inadequate knowledge and faulty logic is that they are just powerless victims of their […]

Are You Creating A Pathological Internal Environment?

If you have any symptomology from indigestion to fatigue, back pain to cancer, you may want to consider what you are creating through your habits.  You see, if you continue to do what you’ve done up to this point, or in other words – eat, drink, breathe, rest, exercise & think as the average American […]