Allergies – Why They Occur And What You Can Do Today To Make Them Unnecessary, Naturally

Whether you have seasonal allergic symptoms, perennial (year round), nasal, respiratory symptoms, asthma or even skin conditions we need to understand our immune system is overreacting.  When our nervous system/mind perceives a threat (real like a vicious dog/fear or unreal like they don’t love me and I’m empty & worthless/fear) the immune system mounts a […]

What You Need To Know About Food Allergies

1.  Between 1997-2002 there was a doubling of peanut allergies among children. 2.  One out of seventeen children under 3 yrs old had a food allergy. 3.  According to the CDC there was a 265% increase in hospitalization related to food allergies. 4.  Kraft and Monsanto have actually funded food allergy non-profit studies, perhaps a […]

Processed or Fresh: You Decide!

It’d be great if all the natural produce; fruits, veggies, grains would last forever.  Yet they don’t.  So we process food to make it stay on the shelf longer.  The problem becomes the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, co factors and micro trace minerals are either gone or present only in part.  Then companies attempt […]

Healthier Snacks: For Kids & Adults

It’s obvious that there is a health problem in America.  The major diseases of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, auto immune/inflammation and obesity are increasing despite more money, drugs and therapeutics being thrown at the problem to fight it. Perhaps fighting a symptom or trying to fix it is a form of resistance, which generates more […]