Eat Healthy

In our practice we have found that stressful thoughts are the most toxic producers in our body and affect the nervous-digestive-hormonal systems directly. Excess proteins, hormone laden produce, and junk food take second place. People usually eat foods they enjoy; taste, consistency, family, geography – all cater to our food preferences. We eat to satisfy […]

Forgiveness is a Health Issue

What we have found in our office and in offices around the world is that it is how I respond to life, when it doesn’t go expected, that can be the key to a healthy, happy life. We have our clients review the day before going to sleep at night. Ferret out instances where I […]

How Frustration and Anxiety Undermine Your Work and Your Health!

Anxiety is an insidious, health destroying emotion. It is similar to the feeling that “something bad is going to happen to me,” or “I just don’t feel safe.” Another common emotion clients report is frustration. Inevitably when I question them they are frustrated with something beyond their control. A person, place, circumstance or even that […]

Protein: Good or Bad?

A common question from clients seeking to change their diets is how protein is healthy. There are many weight loss programs out right now and many weight loss products. Many help people lose weight quickly by adding excess protein to their diet. Most experts agree to lose weight we need to reduce junk carbs (white […]