Weight Loss – Simplified

I recently commented on obesity, BMI, disease and change.  The action steps are simple, yet we are the most obese nation on the planet!  That leads me to conclude we are the most “in denial”, full of excuses (well thought out lies), nation, when it comes to the Truth about health care. Health is not […]

Are You at Risk for Fibromyalgia?

According to Vasselsen, Nilsen and Associates from the Norwegian Hunt Study there is an association between physical exercise, body mass index ( % of body far v lean muscle mass) and the risk of Fibromyalgia.  I would add heart disease, stroke, type II diabetes, arthritis, auto immune disease, etc.  The study found that women who […]

Is There a Natural Treatment for Diverticulitis?

Technically no. There is no natural treatment for any specific disease. There are allopathic- symptom based procedures, even in the natural/wholistic community; however the natural approach is to support the body’s normal functioning, remove obstacles to healing and to coach the client to not repeat the habits that created the need for the symptoms in […]

Unsolicited Testimonial: The Power of a Willingness to Heal

  Thought I would share a recent unsolicited testimonial that demonstrates the power of nutritional supplements and a willingness to heal. The key is not the nutritional changes (these are simple); it is the willingness to change, without that there is really vary little progress. Dear Roland & Cheryl, I just wanted to thank you […]