Do You Bottle Up Your Emotions???

How we perceive and respond to life’s challenges and opportunities to grow are derived from basic beliefs.  These beliefs we are told are imprinted into our brains between 0-7 years of age.  If an external experience or stimulus is congruent with the internal belief, there is no tension, resistance , fight or flight response.  However […]

The Power Of Intention

Here’s the bullet points of Wane Dyers book “The Power Of Intention.”  Highly practical yet compatible with any world philosophy or religion. –  We are happiest when we are serving others –  We make serotonin when we are happy, serving or kind: Serotonin is our happy hormone –  Act as if you are a peaceful […]

Bleeding Gums, Bruising and Vitamin “C”

Going back in time several hundred years, sailors were developing connective tissue disease.  Bleeding gums, teeth falling out, muscle/ligament recurring injuries all were lumped into the disease known as scurvy.  The British noticed that if sailors sucked on limes (a citrus fruit that contains the entire Vitamin “C” complex) their sailors did not develop scurvy. […]

Are You Getting Enough Roughage & Fiber?

We use the terms roughage and fiber interchangeably.  Roughage is the part of carbohydrate that is not broken down in digestion/absorption.  Instead it passes directly to the colon.  Junk food (processed food) does not contain fiber.  Here’s what we know positive roughage will do for you. –  increase natural immunity and speedy recovery for ailments […]