Do You Want To Be Healthy, Happy & Successful? Practice Virtue, Release Vice!

After over 30 years as a practicing physician I have come to the conclusion that most suffering, symptoms, and disease are self imposed.  It may be our naive ignorance or arrogance.  It may be our culture, family, personal history or our inheritance from our species.  Yet when I have talked to other holistic health physicians, […]

Health Tips: Who You Can Be, Then What To Do To Regain Your Health Or Get To A New Level Of Wellness

1.  Eat more vegetables and fruits, less meat and junk food 2.  Drink more water and less juice, soda, alcohol 3.  Go to sleep earlier, turn off the t.v. and read a good book or the good book 4.  Begin gently exercising aerobically, walking slowly at first – 10 min, then proceed to 30,40,50 min […]