The Eye’s Have It!

Our eyes are a primary sense for how we gather information about our environment and then respond.  However due to lifestyle, complicated by genetic preconditions, there are many eye conditions that are increasing in the population.  The good news is that when you increase the following your symptoms will greatly improve and you can also […]

What Type Of Plastic Bottles Should I Drink?

There are a various 11,000 + (by today’s count) chemicals, therapeutic and recreational drugs, pollutants etc. in the environment that create numerous problems and degeneration in our bodies.  These compounds are known as endocrine disruptors.  If you can taste plastic in a cup or water bottle-find a new one!  In certain types of plastic, chemicals […]

Cutting Down on Salt: How You Can Reduce Cardio Vascular Disease

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, January 2010: –  the average man in the US consumes 10.4 grams of salt and the average woman 7.3 grams of salt – per day. –  the US diet is highly processed with 75% to 80% of its salt, due to processed food. –  reducing salt by […]

“Blackout In A Can” !!!

I guess the question is why? We all did things when we were younger and thankfully survived, yet it seems the ante keeps being upped, which can result in serious harm and death in some circumstances. Caffeinated-Alcohol drinks are now being marketed to the young, who have not yet matured and lack the wisdom and […]