Paradigm Shift

1)  We are spiritual beings – energy beings – undergoing a physical experience A)  Everything physical is temporary and significant from a spiritual eternal perspective only: lessons in virtue B)  All negative emotions will create interference in my energy field, which will translate to lack of ease in my body since negative emotions interfere with […]

Think Veggies – Think Alkaline!

Did you know that if you fill your plate with these and other vegetables you are filling your internal bank account (alkaline reserve) with countless riches (vitamins, minerals, co-factors, enzymes, etc) for future usage? Cabbage: 1 cup has 96% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin K (clotting) and 50% of the recommended daily amount […]

Amino Sweet – The New Name For Nutrisweet = Aspartame

The new name for the old product nutrisweet, made from aspartame is now AminoSweet.  It is a host of products: 6000 foods, soft drinks, chewing gum, diet foods/drinks, breakfast cereals, vitamins, prescription and over the counter drugs, table top sweetners, Diabetic foods, jams/sweets… Here’s a short list of reported symptoms: Headache, change in vision, convulsions […]

My Balanced Living Plan

1.  Start each morning with affirmations, gratitude statements, song, “I AM statements. 2.  Pay attention to your choices in all 6 essential areas (eat, drink, breathe, rest, exercise and think). 3.  Set aside time for your walking/exercise. 4.  Pay extra attention to everything you eat and drink. 5.  If you smoke, take steps to stop, […]