Doc, I’m Losing My Hair !! What Can I Do As An Aging Female ??

There are a variety of conditions, drugs and nutritional deficiencies/toxicity that create the symptom of hair loss.  Regardless of the diagnosis we need to start to look at our habits or vices and see clearly how my choices create consequences, i.e. thyroid conditions, autoimmune functions, hair loss, high blood pressure, etc… As a female ages, […]

Are Drugs Vitamins??

Check out the National Institute of Mental Health’s website and you’ll find an astounding fact: 30 million Americans took anti-depressants at a cost of 10 billion dollars in 2009.  Pharmaceutical companies overall sales for 2009 included 14.6 billion for psychotropic (mind altering) drugs and $4.8 billion for ADHD drugs.  Here’s some facts- 1). Anti-depressants/psychotropics are […]

It’s All About Balance

In our physical bodies balance is controlled by 3 systems: the visual system (eyes), the vestibular system (inner ears) and proprioception (combination of sensors in the skin, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments). Our ability to stand upright and move in a coordinated, energy efficient fashion, is a result of our bodies ability to balance itself […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup, Mercury, and Autism

Here’s some data from the October 2009 Journal of Pediatrics: – Numerous studies have suggested that the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders has increased in the U.S. dramatically in the past decades. The early 2000’s found 1 in every 166 have some form of autism, by 2008 it was 1 in every 151, and 2009 […]